First, there was a media report hinting at shadowy links between foreign-funded charities and terrorism in Kazakhstan. Then, the taxman came knocking.
The tax inspections served as a prelude to legal action against two non-governmental organizations (NGOs) – action that some civil society campaigners see as evidence that their space to operate is quickly shrinking.

An ethnically diverse historic neighborhood in Tbilisi has become the battlefield for an ongoing cultural war in...
“[Istanbul] holds an absolute dominion over the Black Sea. By one door only, namely by the Bosporus, it shuts up its...
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Letters to the Editor

By M. Ashraf Haidari, the Director-General of Policy & Strategy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan
The recent emphasis on infrastructure development across Eurasia, underscored by China’s Belt and Road Initiative, is creating opportunities for Afghanistan to foster the kind of economic growth that can blunt the appeal of radicalism.