Arman Melikian,
Former advisor/de facto foreign minister of the self-declared Nagorno Karabakh Republic
Born in 1963 in Yerevan, Melikian served as the Armenian envoy to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan during the 1990s. From 2004 to 2005, he acted as de facto foreign minister of the unrecognized Nagorno Karabakh Republic and, later, acted as an advisor to Arkady Ghukassian, the former de facto president of the breakaway region.

Not supported by any party. Perhaps as a reflection of his past in Karabakh, the protection of the rights of Armenian refugees from Azerbaijan is the main motto of Melikian's campaign. In particular, he argues such individuals must be allowed to live in the territories around Nagorno Karabakh that are also claimed by Azerbaijan.

Media attention for Melikian increased slightly with his petition to the Constitutional Court that the current Citizenship Law, which bans Armenian citizens living outside of Armenia from voting, posed an obstacle to his ability to campaign. The petition was rejected on February 4, reportedly for procedural reasons.

By education a specialist in the Orient and archeology, Melikian has no party backing. His campaign is extremely modest, with no booklets or banners, or even rallies. He has said that he prefers to meet supporters in his office.

Yerevan Office: 5a Vardanants St., Apt. 294

Phone: 374-10-58-90-67

Website: NA

Karabakh Leaders: Seeking a Seat At the Negotiating Table - June 2007

Armenia Allows Dual Citizenship Amid Controversy - February 2007

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