Tigran Karapetian,
People's Party leader
Born in 1945, Tigran Karapetian is perhaps best known for his TV channel, ALM. The Yerevan-based station enjoys considerable popularity among pensioners and rural residents for its regular concerts and charity drives. Karapetian, who is believed to have accumulated considerable wealth in Russia during the 1990s (though doing what remains unknown), personally finances the station. Details about his professional and educational background, however, are sketchy at best.

He claims to hold a doctorate in political science, though from what university is not known. He is said to be a graduate of the Armenian Pedagogical Institute, but his activities during the Soviet period remain a blank spot.

As in the case of Artashes Geghamian, much of Karapetian's campaign focuses on reminding voters about the crisis period of the early 1990s, when rival candidate Levon Ter-Petrosian was president. However, when asked if he is campaigning against the ex-president, Karapetian asserts that "I see no difference between the former authorities and the current ones."

The existence of his television station, though, is thought an indication that he is on friendly terms with the Kocharian government.

Nonetheless, despite the station's popularity, Karepetian failed to win a seat in parliament in 2007. Nor do analysts give him serious chances for the presidency now. Slogan: "Remember the past, chose the future!"

Yerevan Office: 24a Mamikoniants St.

Phone: 374-10-24-99-96; 374-10-23-11-42

Website: NA
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