Kyrgyzstan: Revolution Revisited
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Want to see what’s making headlines in Kyrgyzstan? Curious about the country’s various activist groups or its outspoken NGO sector? Use the websites below to get information straight from the source.

  • President of the Kyrgyz Republic
    A who's-who to the presidential administration, plus the latest decrees and news briefs, regularly updated. (In English, Kyrgyz and Russian)

  • Zhogorku Kenesh (Parliament)
    Regularly updated news briefs about the Kyrgyz parliament's activities, as well as information on members of parliament and select legislation. (In English, Kyrgyz and Russian)

  • State Internet Portal
    At first glance, this is a rich collection of links to government programs and offices. Many links, however, do not work and the site's server connection is often slow. (In Russian only)

  • 2003 Kyrgyz Republic Constitution
    The full text, in English, of Kyrgyzstan's hotly disputed 2003 constitution, up for revision in 2006.

  • Institute for Public Policy
    Detailed policy analyses on politics, the economy and foreign affairs designed "to promote [a] participatory approach in establishing public policy." (In English and Russian)

  • Internews Kyrgyzstan
    Kyrgyz branch of international media assistance organization offers detailed information on initiatives to promote a free press in Kyrgyzstan, and reactions to related developments. (In English, Kyrgyz and Russian)

  • Kyrgyzstan Development Gateway
    This English-language portal contains scores of sources on economic development issues in Kyrgyzstan.

  • Soros Foundation Kyrgyzstan
    Get information about programs and projects undertaken to support development of civil society and democracy in Kyrgyzstan. (The Soros Foundation Kyrgyzstan and both work under the auspices of the Open Society Institute.) (In English, Kyrgyz and Russian)

  • Transparency International Kyrgyzstan
    The site for the local chapter of the anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International promotes a draft law for access to information on government activities and finances. (Transparency International Kyrgyzstan receives funding from the Open Society Institute. operates under the auspices of the Open Society Institute-New York.)

  • AKIPress and
    Breaking news from Kyrgyzstan's two main news agencies. (In Russian only)

  • Bely Parokhod (White Steamship)
    Internet-only independent news magazine that provides political analyses with close eye to what is grabbing the headlines in Kyrgyzstan. (In Russian only)

    Breaking news and feature-length news analyses, plus a useful Who's Who to big names in Kyrgyz politics. (In Russian only)

  • Moya Stolitsa (My Capital)
    This formerly opposition newspaper has taken on more of a pro-government slant since President Bakiyev came to power, but provides a useful overview of politics, society and crime stories gaining notice in the Kyrgyz capital. (In Russian only)

  • NewEurasia
    A weblog with quick compendia of published and personal views on the hottest news in Kyrgyzstan (In Russian and English)

    Detailed collection of independent analyses on economics, politics and social trends in Kyrgyzstan. (In Russian only)

  • Vecherny Bishkek (Evening Bishkek)
    A pro-government daily newspaper useful for overviews of views in officialdom (In Russian only)

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