Kyrgyzstan: Revolution Revisited
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Widespread bribery and inconsistent standards for performance have undermined Kyrgyzstan's university system. (The country contains 49 institutes of higher education, all but 18 of which are state-owned.) While national admissions exams have existed since 2002, no standardized system exists for evaluating university students' academic performance. Students routinely pay bribes to receive grades, pass exams, or for not attending classes. Low pay for teachers exacerbates the problem. Local experts have estimated annual income from corruption in Kyrgyzstan's higher education system at roughly $100 million, the news agency reported.
Reorganize state-owned universities into joint stock companies with university management handled by private companies

Charge market-rate fees for tuition, room and board and increase professors' salaries

Introduce international standards for evaluation and quality assurance; abolish oral exams

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