Kyrgyzstan: Revolution Revisited
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No law exists to ban government officials or members of parliament from owning or operating private businesses. The blurred line between Kyrgyz business and government was one of the causes of the 2005 uprising, and lies at the heart of the country's corruption woes. Under former President Askar Akayev, presidential family members allegedly used government resources and agencies to take control of certain businesses and eliminate competitors. The opposition has charged that such practices continue under President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, but the Kyrgyz leader has denied all such allegations.
Increase the number of relatives of government officials who must declare their sources of income for publication in the media. Streamline procedure for disclosure and examination of officials' income and property declarations.

Establish an independent agency to fight corruption with powers equal to those of the Office of the President and which would be accountable to a Public Council, an advisory panel of civil society members and prominent individuals.

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